For the first time in interview

For the first time in interview, the mother of the BECE young lady known for utilizing the word ‘Affirmative’ more than once in a trending interview has addressed Ghana’s Nanaday of Pulse Ghana. She communicated her response to the video, utilizing smooth language like her little girl’s, and portrayed being “overpowered and stunned” similar to finding an impeccably cooked turkey in a container. Many have been excited by their common semantic capacities and the platitude that the apple doesn’t fall a long way from the tree

In an interview with Pulse Ghana, the BECE girl’s mother finally shared her thoughts with Nanaday, Ghana’s street quiz king, who gained attention for repeatedly using the word “Affirmative” during an interview. When Nanaday inquired about how she came across the trending video of her daughter, her response demonstrated a language proficiency comparable to that of her daughter.

For the first time in interview, she compared her reaction to the surprise of discovering a perfectly cooked turkey in a pan, describing it as “overwhelmed and staggered.”.

The mother’s articulate reaction to Pulse Ghana featured the common semantic pizazz among her and her little girl, accentuating the proverb that the apple doesn’t fall a long way from the tree.

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