Ivan Selase Hatse, a seven-year-old suffering from an actual handicap (PLWD), needs an amount of $17,418.20 (GH¢198,535.95) to go through dire remedial muscular medical procedure. The boy has a leg deformity that requires an operation to facilitate the endless versatility battles.

As per 3news, Ivan Selase Hatse’s leg disfigurement restricts his development and frustrates him from getting to  social gathering including access to education, and different open doors that offspring of his age regularly appreciate.

The child has been unable to attend school as expected due to the numerous obstacles. Hatse’s family expects help to back his muscular medical procedure. The youngster’s mum as of late passed, and his dad is on confirmation at an emergency clinic, where he’s doing combating a gentle stroke.

Per Cleveland Clinic, Muscular medical procedure can address disfigurements in the skeleton and its related designs.

Ivan Selase Hatse needs $17,418.20 (198,535.95) for clinical treatment. Mom Lynn Charity Foundation, a Basic freedoms Reporters Ghana-NGO, and Ivan’s family, including the neighborhood well-wishers, have pursued for help to work with his medical procedure. They are contacting people and associations the same for gifts and help.

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